All-in one filter system for swimming pools: Plug & Swim

All-in-one filter system Plug-and-PlayPlug & Play

The Filter Cabin is made of high-quality insulated fiberglass panels. Plug-and-Play and fully equipped. The structure of the Filter Cabin is clear, which makes the installation very easy. Due to its weatherproof construction, it is allowed to place the Plug & Swim Filter Cabin outside throughout the different seasons. The Cabin is insulated and frost resistant, which prevents freezing of the pipework. If adjustments are needed, the Filter Cabin is easily accessible for the installer. The noise level of the entire all-in-one filter system is very low, which is very comfortable.

All-in-one filter system modularModular

Due to the compact modular design, the Filter Cabin is easy to transport.The Plug & Swim Filter Cabin comes in pre-assembled panels that are easy to install. In need of an additional device in the system, such as a heat pump, heat exchanger or solar panels? With the expansion possibilities of the Plug & Swim Filter Cabin, this is not a problem. We provide you with the standard adaption pieces, so these amendments will only take a few minutes.

All-in-one filter system QuickQuick

The installation of the Plug & Swim Filter Cabin is extremely easy and fast. Due to the flexible possibilities, the all-in one filter system can be placed everywhere. Inside or outside, the Filter Cabin can be mounted quick and easily. The Filter Cabin can be placed close to the pool, which yields enormous savings in cutting, breaking and drilling work, digging long trenches and results in shorter piping work. The Filter Cabin is up and running within a few hours, resulting in significant time savings. Therefore, it is now possible to install two pool filter systems in one day! In addition to the time savings, this provides substantial cost savings.

All-in-one filter system SafeSafe

Through intensive cooperation with leading suppliers, high-quality products and expertise are integrated in the Plug & Swim Filter Cabin. The Filter Cabin has a clever and professional look that fits your professionally constructed pool. All parts are fully tested and each Filter Cabin is equipped with a test label.

All-in-one filter system CompleteComplete

SIBO with its partners, are involved in the well-being of swimmers and their environment. This is also one of the principles involved during the development of the all-in-one filter system. The Plug & Swim Filter Cabin provides safe, healthy and clear pool water. The Filter Cabin can be locked easily, so it can prevent children from getting in contact with the equipment and chemicals. Swimmers can happily enjoy their swimming pool without worries!

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